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Pati Dubiel. SUMMER CHILL. Drawing exhibition

Although Pati Dubiel is known mainly as a glass artist, she is defining her creative ego as a painter, illustrator and designer. In her glass works she combines various and irreproachable techniques - painting, graphics, drawing, photography. She is also known for combinations of glass with unconventional artistic materials. The gift of synthesis is derived from her nature, which has no internal limitations in creativity. "Formal considerations do not affect my art. Sometimes technical and technological considerations, in the case of glass sculptures, can influence the size, shape and structure of the form. But in fact, the only limitations (aside from the specifics of glass) that I am able to accept are those I impose on myself" explains Pati Dubiel.

As a graduate of the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, she chose a very difficult artistic path. However, she has not abandoned her desire to pursue herself in other fields of art. As she admits, "I will never let go of color, contour, and comic-figured form of expression. You are the creator no matter what material or medium you are working with ". Pati Dubiel declares that drawing is her "second self." Until now, the main hero of her exhibitions was artistic glass. Traces of drawings could be found in glass sculptures or as a complementary elements of exposition. And surprisingly, she chose Krosno the City of Glass as the place of the first exhibition devoted entirely to her drawings.

"PATI DUBIEL. Summer Chill" is a presentation of about 30 drawings on carton. The first impression of the viewer brings to mind a schematic drawing showing the principle of operation, focusing by symbols on functional and logical relations. Hence the frequent motives of works are tangles of kind of vessels - wires, elements of construction, architectural structures, geometric figures, plant structures located in undefined bodies. But there is yet another impression - the feeling of communion with deep emotional space. Pati Dubiel attempted to explain the principle of human activity in the space of the world. Her drawings, full of diverse symbols, draw attention to the carnality and the emotions emanating from it. There are also references to cinema, medicine, art history, architecture and her favorite places in Wroclaw, where she lives and works. "Despite the seemingly light - sometimes erotic or frivolous - themes, they contain a great deal of important information relating to what is happening here and now. Therefore, these drawings require deeper "insight". They are discovering their second bottom in front of the spectator” says Pati Dubiel. The composition of some of her drawings, especially colored ones, creates the impression of depth of glass, interpenetration. And the interpenetration of various arts is what distinguishes her works.

Pati Dubiel finds her inspiration everywhere. She can never predict what it will be. One thing is certain - it must always be a "strong blow", which is the beginning of the creative process. As an effect of this process, we can see for the first time the collection of drawings, presented in Krosno - the hometown of the artist.

The Museum of Crafts in Krosno invites you to the premiere drawing exhibition: "PATI DUBIEL. Summer Chill". The exhibition can be seen in the Belfry Tower in Krosno (Piłsudskiego Street, 5) from 19.08.2017 to 30.09.2017. The vernissage will take place on 18.08.2017 (Friday) at 16.30.

Patrycja Dubiel - born in Krosno, Poland, in a family with rich traditions of glass industry. Glass artist, painter, illustrator, graphic designer. She graduated from High School of Art in Krosno (1997) and the Department of Glass and Artistic Ceramics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (2003). She was a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture And the National Heritage (2003, 2013), of Kiwanis Wratislavia Foundation (2003) and Glass Studio Borowski (2004). Since 2013 she manage an art Gallery Versus in Wroclaw.

Selected awards and prizes : 2nd Prize in the Krakus - Polmos' promotional gadget competition (2001); 1st prize in the Rexona's promotional gadget competition (2002); 1st prize in the Pizza Hut paintings competition (2002); 1st Prize in the “Glass of the Young 2003” competition (BWA Wroclaw); a prize awarded by the company Archicom in “Design - Antydesign” competition (2010); 1st Prize In the ZPAP Wrocław Glass Window (2010); 2 nd Prize in the competition "Artist, show yourself!" organized by TVP Culture and Deutsche Welle (2015). Selected exhibitions: "Art Park", Socato Gallery, Wroclaw (2016); "Magic closed in the glass", Grabski Gallery, Kazimierz Dolny (2016); "Femme Fatale", Museum of Glass and Jewelry, Jablonec, Czech Republic (2016); "Ceramics and Glass. Sensual areas ", Wroclaw City Museum (2016); "Art Palm Beach", Palm Beach (2016); "Faszination Glass Kunst", Closter Lorch (2017). Her works are found in museums, institutions and private collections in Poland and abroad.

Text uses the statements of the artist from the films:
Inspiracje artystki Pati Dubiel
Szklane rzeźby Pati Dubiel
and unpublished conversations during the organization of the exhibition "PATI DUBIEL. Summer Chill" by the Museum of Crafts in Krosno

text: Iwona Jurczyk
the Museum of Crafts in Krosno

translation: Magdalena Firlej
the Museum of Crafts in Krosno

photos: Pati Dubiel